- The Field Tripby DragonSkulls
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Two Kids on a bench, one looks up and says...contest entry.
The Field Trip by DragonSkulls
    Two Children Contest Winner 

Mrs. Williams' second grade class was on a field trip
at Channel Side Walkway in Tampa Florida. It was a
beautiful, sunny day in March, not too hot, not too
chilly. A perfect day.

Many children were checking out the waves splashing
about the waterfront, hoping to catch a glimpse of a
dolphin or a manatee, with not much luck. Still, they
were quite content and happy.

It was an hour and a half drive from the school, but
well worth it to Mrs. Williams. Most of the children
behaved on the ride over, and were being exceptionally
good, frolicking within the soft breeze of the bay.

She looked over and saw little Timmy Baxter and Breanna
Carter sitting on a bench with each other. She wouldn't
doubt if they got married someday. They were inseparable,
the cutest two children she ever saw together in her twenty
two years of teaching.

She stood close enough to hear them, not letting them know
she was watching their adorable attributes.

Looking up, Timmy said, "Hey, look at those orange, glowing
streaks up there. What is that?

Breanna replied, "I don't know. Looks like there's smoke behind
them. They're pretty though."

Mrs. Williams turned her head skyward to see what they were
looking at. "OH, DEAR LO-"

That instant, within a mile, the first Russian nuclear warhead
hit the ground.

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Write a story about: Two children are sitting on a bench. One looks up and says...
Two Children
Contest Winner

Author Notes
Two children are sitting on a bench. One looks up and says...
That is the only rule of this contest.
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