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A love kindered
Couples unite by dmt1967
Romance Writing Contest contest entry

Harry sat and stared out of the kitchen window. His brother, William giggled opposite him and flicked porridge across the table.

'William Scott Jones, will you stop that at once,' his mother yelled as she poured his father a cup of tea. 'And Harry, stop staring out of that window and eat your breakfast. You'll be late for school.'

'Harry's got a girlfriend,' William chanted. 'Harry's got a girl, ouch.'

Mrs Jones sighed. 'Don't hit your brother and, what girlfriend?'

William grinned. 'The babysitter. He's got the hots for the babysitter.'

Harry felt a warm glow travel from his throat to his cheeks. 'I have not!'

Mrs Jones tutted. 'I should hope not. She is far too old for you.'

Harry glared at William. 'She's only five years older and soon to be four. I will be five soon and be going to school with her.'

His mother shook her head and hid a smile with her hand. 'You silly boy. When you turn five she will be eleven and in High School.'

Harry's dad winked at him. 'The boy's got taste, Mary. She is a stunner.'

Harry's mum gave her husband a gentle push. 'She is too old for him and too young for you.'

Harry's dad laughed, kissed his wife on the cheek and turned to his son's. 'Come on you two, hurry up otherwise you'll be late for school...

Toby nudged his friend. "Why don't you ask her out, Harry?'

Harry sighed. 'Because she is well out of my league.'

Toby shook his head. 'Maybe, but if you don't ask ...'

'She won't want to go out with a kid like me. Besides, she is going out with Josh.'

Toby shuddered. 'Yeah, you don't want to mess with him. I heard he locked a kid in his locker just because the poor zap made eye contact with her.'

Harry scowled. 'What she sees in that bully ...' He clenched his fists.

Toby nodded. 'Still, it's better to admire from far than to be a dead hero.'

Harry laughed. 'Ok, Aristotle.'

The bell rang for next period.

Harry sat behind his desk. He glanced at his watch. His two o'clock must be caught in traffic. He smiled and looked around his spacious office. He did well in his school years. Went to university and did a degree in advertising. When he graduated he decided to go into business with Toby and start their own advertisement company. Now, they were the third biggest organization of this kind. He worked out three days a week and won sexiest business man six years running. He gazed at the picture on his desk of Toby and his family. Who knew his best friend would win a prize like that. Three children later, and him god father to all, they were still going strong. Toby's wife tried to set him up with her friends but, even though he liked a few of them, his heart still belonged to his childhood babysitter.

His secretary knocked on the door and poked her hear around the door. 'Your two o'clock is here, Sir.'

Harry leaned back in his chair. 'Send her in.'

A woman with golden hair walked into the room.

"Hello, Mr Jones. My name is Miss Jenny Patterson, and ...'

Harry's jaw dropped, and his eyes opened wide.

"... Are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost.'

Harry opened his mouth to speak but no words came out.

Jenny frowned. 'Do you want me to get someone?'

Harry shook his head, pushed back his chair and stumbled over to the drinks cabinet. He took out a glass, reached for a bottle of Scotch, and unscrewed the lid. He poured himself a double shot and drained the glass. He glanced over at her, pored another drink and drained that one as well.

Jenny shuffled her feet and cleared her throat. 'Look, if you want to reschedule ...'

Harry shook his head. 'Y--you d-don't r-remember me ...'

Jenny screwed up her eyes. 'Why, it's little Harry. Well, not so little now.' She eyed him up and down. 'My, you've changed. You used to be a cute kid, but now ...' She turned crimson and smiled.

Harry poured out another drink for himself and one for her. He handed it to her and she took a sip and closed her eyes.

She gave him a sideways glance. 'You know, at school I had a bit of a crush on you, but you never seemed interested. We all thought you were gay; you spent so much time with that boy with the funny teeth.'

'Toby, he's my business partner and you were Josh's girl.'

'Josh was a bore and a bully.'

'You went to the dance with him.'

'He asked. You didn't.'

Harry inhaled and his hand shook. 'Well, I'm asking now. Will you go to the Summer Dance?' He held out his hand.

'I would love to.' She placed her hand in his.

The door opened, and Toby walked in. His gaze fell on the couple in a warm embrace in the middle of the office floor. He smiled and backed out. 'About time,' he muttered under his breath as he walked back to his office to phone his wife and tell her the good news.


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