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Winning a gold medal in the Paralympics .
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The story behind the scenes, which brings us to Nancy's position and passion for skiing is as follows. Nancy is eighteen years old and just two years ago she was involved in a life changing accident.

She had started skiing when she was about four years old and over the years, she had bettered herself and won several challenges and awards. When she was sixteen, she had been pulled over as part of a group of three for various malfunctions of their vehicles. In her case, it was a burned out brake light. She had decided to stand in front of her car and talk with the person in front of her. Little did she know that that action would change her life.

An out of control car plowed into the state trooper vehicle behind her which caused it to hit her car pushing it forward to trap her between the vehicles. In this process, both her legs were damaged.

She suffered through intense medical procedures and the only thing that kept her sane and gave her a driving power was her obsession to ski. She allowed herself three months to recover. She was wheelchair bound. Her father being an engineer was able to improvise her skis. She could in fact use two or one ski. The one ski was her prime use in practice.

She was accepted to participate in the Paralympics.

Nancy- Paralympic seat skier.
Tommy- her coach.
Bill & Mary- her parents.

Scene I

Tommy: You have three skiers in front of you.

Nancy: Good I really hate the waiting. Do you think I will at least come away with a bronze.

Tommy: You have as good a chance as the others do. Now, two of the ones that have done the run are in good positions. One of the three before you, is really experienced in this event and has won several of the three medals over the years. My biggest concern is the lady after you. I understand that this year is her last hurrah and she will be pushing for the gold. But you can do anything!

Nancy: My mom and dad were just so pleased that I qualified and told me that I could do anything I wanted to as well. I am so glad you have all supported me so well.

Tommy: Number one of three is set up. I want to see what they do, be right back.

Nancy: Sure thing, I just want a little quiet time for me. I am good, go!

Tommy: Then I will just stay up there for all three.
He waved as he walked away. She sat in silence, with her eyes closed, letting her mind relax.
It seemed like no time had passed before Tommy was back.

Tommy: Okay, two of the three wiped out and it seems to be turn four, try to aim for the middle rather than the outside of the turn. The one that has made it through will probably be in position four. Your turn.

Nancy: I am so ready for this. And I promise not to wipe out, the bronze is mine. Okay deep breathes.

Tommy pushed her to the gate, where she set herself up. She got the go and departed, her poles pushing with a strength she didn't know. She had a good start. She went through the course like an expert.

She was bouncing in her chair, when it was announced that she had taken the position for silver and Tommy rushed over. She was glowing.

Tommy: Now all we have to worry about is, the next skier. She could easily bumped you and the gold contender.

Nancy: I am just so glad, I did as well, even if I get bumped I still get my bronze.

Tommy: Oh my God, she just wiped out. You get to keep your silver. Fantastic. We will be lining up in a few minutes. I am so proud of you.

Bill & Mary: We are so proud of you, Nancy, way to go girl.

Announcer: There will be a delay in the announcements. The judges are reevaluating a slight discrepancy. Thank you for your patience.

Silence was rather pronounced, if anyone spoke it was in whispers.

Announcer: It appears that one of the winners, had an adjustment done to their seat, that although it was not illegal, it did however, put the others at a disadvantage and person will this be disqualified from the medal status. Our judges will be approaching the new medal winners to advise them.

Nancy and Tommy watched as the judges circulated through the skiers.

Judge: Nancy, it gives me great pleasure to advise you that you will be in gold position.

Tommy was estactic and Nancy bounced in her seat, she looked at her parents and raised one finger. Delight covered her face as she watched the look of surprise and shock. They went out for the announcements. The bronze, then the silver were announced.

Announcer: And in Gold position, Miss Nancy Young, USA.

Writing Prompt
Write a scene in which your main character receives surprising news.

Author Notes
Thank you to Anne for the artwork Break Away


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