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What would his fate be?
JoJo by Brett Matthew West
    Introduce your main character. Contest Winner 

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JoJo snatched the warm bread off the countertop and bolted for the open door of the busy Hollandaise Bakery. It looked delicious. He knew the old codger who rang up the sale at the cash register would never catch him. Without slowing down, the mongrel cut against the flow of traffic and made his way through the throng of passersby scurrying down the dirty sidewalk. JoJo rounded the far corner of the SunTrust Bank and headed for the train yard. Three days had passed since they'd last eaten. Inside a lonely boxcar, the little form of Hobo Bill laid dead upon the floor. As JoJo leaped inside the boxcar, he dropped the bread he'd pilfered and snuggled close to the expired corpse of his master. With a shrill whistle, the train began rumbling down the track. Alone in the coldness of the grey world, JoJo wondered what his fate would be?

Writing Prompt
In 150 words, give or take 2 introduce your main character. Give the reader a feel for what he or she is like. Protagonist or antagonist, doesn't matter. Stick to word count.
Introduce your main character.
Contest Winner

Author Notes
My Name is Sam & I'm the Boss!, by Susan F.M.T., chosen for my story.


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