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A short story about me being a writer
All writers lunch together, not me. by robina1978
Writing writing prompt entry

At the moment I write many stories, as I am higher up with stories than with poems. I hope to make the top ten, maybe. This is mainly due to all the updates about my husband.

Will you all keep your fingers crossed?

I might even make a book out of all these stories. That would be my first book. Mind you, I tried one years ago, but it failed on FanStory.

I was never good at school in writing. My first or first two lines are good. Then as I need more lines, it gets rubbish. So never ever good scores.

My poems (I never read poetry before I joined this site) I was taught by Brooke. She was an excellent teacher. I lost her now, and am literary lost without her guidance. I got to love poetry under her tuition, now it is just a must.

Writing poetry and short stories is something I like, but during this lunch I found I was the worst one of the lot. No surprise for me. To you?

I don't think so, not really.

The only thing I used to be good at, is talking. Shrink was my profession. I don't gossip as one poem tells you. Maybe very occasionally.

Please all agree with me, so I can laugh my head off. Catch a head, and you'll win this prompt/contest.

I think all other writers enjoyed their lunch, I didn't. Just did not taste well enough. Writers are choosy eaters.

Writing Prompt
Write a story or essay with the topic of "writing". Can be instructional or a character in the story can be a writer. Creative approaches welcomed.

Author Notes
Many thanks to Liilia for the artwork.


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