- The Depth Of Their Dismay (A Sonnet)by DragonSkulls
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Monorhyme contest entry
The Depth Of Their Dismay (A Sonnet) by DragonSkulls
Monorhyme writing prompt entry

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Beneath the jagged shards of one's dismay,
no heed to thoughtful mind in words they say.
With bitter tongue they share their disarray,
in hopes I too shall wade in their decay.

Without a care to what these words may weigh,
I clearly feel the depth that they portray.
and even if they tried they can't unsay
the damage that's been done along the way.

But should I dare to hold their words at bay,
what damning scars would then come into play?
Would too this artist's brush begin to fray
and stain upon the page that I display?

The words I choose to use are sure to stay
So keep to your own self how I should play.


Writing Prompt
A Monorhyme is a poem in which all the lines have the same end rhyme.

Author Notes
A response to a review I once received, telling me what they think is or isn't
appropriate for a contest entry. I'll enter what I damn well please.


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