- Curing a Crazieby Deniz22
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Ahab is a pussycat underneath it all
Curing a Crazie by Deniz22
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STARBUCK: 'Thank ye, Captain Ahab, for inviting me to dinner in your cabin tonight."

AHAB: "Eat up, pilgrim, and tell me what's on ye mind."

STARBUCK: "No disrespect, Captain, but it seems an evil wind has filled the sails of your mind."

AHAB: "Go on, unload all your cargo."

STARBUCK: "Tis a dangerous course you've set us on, going after the white whale, far from our  usual waters."

AHAB: "Through?"

STARBUCK: "Thou art possessed and will kill us all going after a beast what only did what beasts do!"

AHAB: "Aye, that's no ordinary beast thee speak of...I have looked it in the eye and seen the Devil himself!"

STARBUCK: "I would give an arm and a leg if...oh, sorry...I wish you would listen to me and save yourself and us from disaster!"

AHAB: "And what makes thee so sure I shall not prevail?"

STARBUCK: "I read the book and saw the movie...believe me, it doesn't go well for thee and the Peapod. Turn back!"

AHAB: "That's Pequod, but thanks for talking with me. What you say makes complete sense. Give the order to turn back."

STARBUCK: "Aye aye, Captain!"

AHAB: "One other thing, Starbuck..."

STARBUCK: "Yes Captain Ahab?"

AHAB: 'Who played me in the movie?"

Writing Prompt
Your name is Starbuck and you just set sail with Captain Ahab on the whaler Pequod. You eventually realize he has a fish fixation on a certain white whale known as 'Moby Dick'. Talk him out of his madness in dialogue only in at least 100 words or more.
Advising Ahab
Contest Winner



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