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I'm Hollywood by DragonSkulls
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Oh, precious child, now lost in the wild,
yet blinded to evils unknown,
while searching for fame, I whisper your name
and welcome you in as my own.

So subtle the sin of luring you in
with promises far beyond reach.
The lessons you'll learn of vital concern
are viciously taught in the streets.

The fears I instill while breaking your will
seem violently harsh and unclear.
While longing for worth, you try to unearth
the reasoning why you are here.

With fame seldom found, yes it's profound,
losing it all to the chase.
I know that I'll win for I see it within
the depth of the tears on your face.

Now broken and scarred, dreams shattered and charred,
the pleasure has been only mine.
You're finished therefore I care not anymore.
I'm off for the next one in line.

I'm Hollywood.



Author Notes
I purposely avoided the details of some of the horrors many girls go through once getting to Hollywood, like drugs, prostitution, porn and all else that comes while chasing false dreams. Some do get lucky and make it onto stardom, but that's few and far between.

Sometimes reality isn't pretty.

Thank you for reading.


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