- Prologue: Why Are We Here?by Badger_29
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Lamentations of a Lost Laddy
: Prologue: Why Are We Here? by Badger_29
"Lift up your eyes from your books, from your past, from your hurts and look upon all people with love, because when you look into another's eyes and see innocence, you find it in yourself"

Why Are We Here?

Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun.”
King Solomon,  Ecclesiastes 8:15

Painting: an alternate perception of "Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gough

Now, I am not going to claim that I have discovered the purpose for existence, BUT,  I will say that, after experiencing a little over a half-century of life, I truly believe that I have gotten a glimpse of a reflection of the ice-berg that represents the purpose for MY existence.

I am utilizing the age-old philosophical reference to the "Ice Berg" metaphor.  It represents the fact that, when you "see" an ice berg floating, you are only able to visually observe a very small fraction of the whole; a lot remains invisible, or "Beneath the surface", if you will.


"Hey-hey, my-my.  Rock-and-roll will never die. There's more to the picture, than meets the eye.   Hey-hey, my-my"  Neil Young
Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)" is a song written by Neil Young. Combined with its acoustic counterpart "My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)", it bookends Young's successful 1979 album Rust Never Sleeps.
Inspired by electropunk group Devo, the rise of punk and what Young viewed as his own growing irrelevance, the song significantly revitalized Young's career at the time, and today crosses generations, inspiring admirers from punk to grunge. The song is about the alternatives of continuing to produce similar music ("to rust" or – in "My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)" – "to fade away") or to burn out.

You see, there is always so much more to this age-old question.  To give you an example, I am going to attempt to define a scenario of multi-layer meaning:

If you saw me walking out of Wal-Mart with a bag, you could conclude that I had just conducted a professional interaction, wherein, I am a consumer, paying currency for goods, or a product.  
But, if you had been with me earlier that day, you would realize that I had just seen a documentary on "Heavenly Blue Morning Glory" flowers, and you would know from my thoughts and understand that I went to procure seeds, pots, growing medium, and an appropriate fertilizer.

If you go back just a few more years, my past would reveal a fascination with botany, and photosynthesis, where plants use a chemical called chlorophyll and sunlight to symbiotically convert the carbon-dioxide that we exhale, back into oxygen.

Then you can go deeper even from there, if you care to delve into the tiny realm of the sub-atomic particles of electrons, protons, and neutrons; and deeper, and deeper . . .

Wisdom, truth, and enlightenment are like hidden gleaming gems.  I, through my writing, am attempting to shine my own personal light on those gorgeous, (and other-wise), facets that have been revealed to me in all states of consciousness and perceptions; both real and altered.   A lot of things have altered my perception, three near death experiences, severe personal trauma, and experimentation with mind altering drugs.

I have formulated a number of postulates, or "tenets" of life.  Here are three that I believe are appropriate:
  • You can only experience joy to the  depth which you have felt sorrow.
  • There are many over-lapping cycles.
  • The purpose for existence is to interact in a mutually beneficial manner.
"The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away"
David Viscott, Radio Personalty

This means that, say, you are a car detailer, and I make furniture.  I would build a chair with wheels for you to relax in while you detail my Ferrari.  We not only work together, but we are also able to bring out the best of our personal abilities.  As we enjoy this teamwork, it also sets a great example for onlookers; a dynamic, happy and produtive environment.

It is my honor to share these writings with you, as a fellow sojourner, or "pilgrim" on this space-ship, planet earth.

Here you will find evidence of Hope, Recovery, and the realization that this miraculous event we call"Life" is something to be enjoyed, shared,  and treasured;  with emphasis on positivity under All circumstances, and the unique, intrinsic value of each and every individual.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Jesus Christ, both of my fathers, Heavenly and earthly, my mother, and all of my family  that have made up this branch of humanity.

I would also like to thank my many wonderful teachers, mentors, and professionals that have helped me along my thick path.

Finally, heart-felt gratitude go out to Gerry and the  "I Street Press"
for helping me realize my dream of being a published author.

And thank-you, for joining me in this exciting and exponentially expanding experience as we enjoy 
         in all of its fullness.

"The purpose of life is LIFE"
Alan Alda, actor M.A.S.H.

Brother Badger


Author Notes
The quote is by
Drago Brotasenu, Ph.D, and Author

Written Sunday, May 29th, 2017.


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