- Encouragementby Jackarrie
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uplifting poem contest
: Encouragement by Jackarrie
Uplifting Poetry! writing prompt entry


What makes me happy has become a fine art
awareness of nature I do enjoy taking part
I always begin my day with gratification
giving thanks for this wonderful revelation.

I have learned to be what I see
my thoughts are clear as they can be
when something incites desperation
I avoid the urge for self denigration

I help those who are far worse off than me,
it brings me happiness if helpful I can be
to clear the thought of fear from their mind
I found that it only takes a little of my time.

To be good to others is a real fine charity
and to see the golden rule as a guide for clarity
happiness is found in the near and not the far
the grass is really greener just right where you are


Writing Prompt
Can you write a poem that cheers lonely hearts, soothes tired brains, inspires the soul. Any style, any length.


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