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A story in a poem contest,
: If I was to tell you... by Jackarrie
Story Poem writing prompt entry

If I was to tell you an atheist I am
would you say to yourself  oh dam

. want to shout at me," go and scram
still see me as who I really am

If I was to tell you, with me science wins,
would you want to pray for all of my sins?
Or still say, fair play, shake hands with a grin,
each to his own, in times of changing winds.

If I was to tell you how I love humankind,
I treat everyone, in the manner I find.
Would not hurt a fly or cheat someone blind,
we are all not the same, some are undefined.
If I was to tell you the earth is millions of years old,
not only thousands as some people are told.
So look around at this wonderful earth and behold,
 evolution is  the answer to how we unfold


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any type and any length that tells a story.


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