- Baby Angel Susanjohn
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Surviving infant loss...
Baby Angel Wings.. by Susanjohn
Empathy with Grief writing prompt entry

I have known a night
to be so long
a constant ache
became my soul's song.

Which, could not be soothed
the world spins
a child gone
and despair wins.

Let me hold your heart
I know this pain
gone much too soon
with no one to blame.

Please look to the stars
that shine above
loving Father
blankets children with love.

Your soul will now sing
Mother's heart will hear
gentle flutter...
of baby Angel wings.

Cherished in Heaven
one day will kiss
when we're called home
to the child we've missed.


Writing Prompt
Write a poem of any style that shows empathy for the grief of another human being. There are no line length requirements.


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