- Ending Stairway (acrostic sonnet)by DragonSkulls
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Acrostic Poetry contest entry
Ending Stairway (acrostic sonnet) by DragonSkulls
    Acrostic Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

                       Each passing day so quickly nears the end.
                               Neath doubt I often fear what might await.
                                  Doth Heaven's stairway readily ascend
                                      Into an endless paradise of fate?
                                         No wavering of faith shall stain the pure.
                                             Gain access by belief of death for sin.
                                                 Should query brand my soul as insecure,
                                                    To question what's the reasoning therein?
                                                       As I've no doubt the debt was stern to pay.
                                                           It seems forgiveness comes too quaintly free.
                                                              Repent and all these sins just 'go away,'
                                                                 When evils of the flesh still harbor me?
                                                                     A final stairway knowingly awaits
                                                                         Yet will it end before I reach the gates?

Acrostic Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


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