- Can Love Be Measured by Jewell McChesney
This work has reached the exceptional level
a three word challenge poem
Can Love Be Measured by Jewell McChesney

Be it far or wide
Distant or near
Love is love
Size is not the question
for it has no measurement
One size fits all
No depth
No Length
No distance in time
can measure
the likes of love
For a heart is a heart
and a soul is a soul
and Love truly
is the treasure
we have been
searching for
Even though
it's forever been
In your heart
in my soul
In my heart
in your soul
where you are
where I am
Nothing no nothing
can separate us
from True Love
Nope nothing
Can you measure love?
The only measurement to take
is the size of the heart
ready to receive


Author Notes
* my doodle art *
TimBee challenged me to write a poem using these three words:
Time, Distance and Love
Although cliche', I love the challenge of making these come together in unique poetry.
Thanks Tim!


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