- Hordes of Angelsby Aussie
This work has reached the exceptional level
We remember 9/11 across the world.
Hordes of Angels by Aussie

Hordes of angels waited that day
Silently praying for death to leave
Thousands of humans dying with no say
Hordes of angels waited to receive.

Jesus watching, wept for souls
One by one they were taken away
Who could count the death tolls?
Western world in terror lay.

Twin Towers shook and fell
Smoke and dust blocked the skies
Who was man? Who was woman? No one could tell
Angels wept at the carnage - angelic sighs.

Man's inhumanity to man - hate reigns supreme
Still today we mourn the dead
Cultures collide - all in the scheme
Never will one win - mouths full of lead.

The black horsemen ride today - killing and maiming
How can we be at peace with religion rife?
The black horsemen always aiming
So many lives lost that day - Eternal life.

Be on guard for we are at war - smallest move
Will open the stable door
Religious fanatics seek to prove
Always they ride the tide of war.


Author Notes
Today we mourn for the loss of loved ones in the dreadful terrorist attack - 9/11. Not only Americans died that day - many nations including Australians. Pax Domini.


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