- I Feel You Nearby Jewell McChesney
This work has reached the exceptional level
pure desire -free verse
I Feel You Near by Jewell McChesney

I welcomed your visit today.
I felt your abundant joy
within a child's distant laughter.
My lonliness turned to smiles
in mere thoughts of you.

Your presence embraced me-
Brought a comforting ambiance
seducing me with old love songs;
I heard your cushioned voice
waking me with tranquil tones
in desirous whispers
and the sounds of sultry sighs.

I felt you near today--
as the fingertips of nature
brushed my hair against my cheek
in a surreal morning breeze.

I knew your kiss today
for a passing moment-
like the finest of wine
aged to perfection
I sipped your bittersweet love
Your flavor lingers on my tongue.

The whispers of dawn
wakened me with the nuance of you.
I long for your return
until again,
I will experience you.



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