- Vive la diffe'renceby BethShelby
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A cat and a dog express opinions of each other
Animal Antics and Interactions
: Vive la diffe'rence by BethShelby
Animal Opinions writing prompt entry

If I ignore her, will she go away?
Why did my person have to get a cat?
She's stuck up, and she doesn't like to play.
I think I've almost had enough of that.

Her litter box is right inside the den,
but I must go outside for nature's call.
My bed is where I sleep, you can depend.
Cat naps whereever she might choose to sprawl.

A dog can't chase a cat when she won't run
She acts like it's her job to be the queen.
It's obvious she never will be fun,
and I'm not happy when she's on the scene.

I've never cared for dogs, nor noise they make,
and it's not my place to entertain one.
His irritating bark keeps me awake.
There's just no way he'll ever make me run.

I'm not expected to obey a rule.
I'm capable of making up my own.
I don't think Dog's obedience is cool
I must insist that he leave me alone.

My person's duty is to meet my needs.
If Dog needs atta-boys, let him suck up.
There's worlds of difference between our breeds.
I'm royalty, and he's just one dumb pup.

Writing Prompt
Write a humorous poem about one animal's opinion of another. Any style, rhyming or free verse welcome.
Have fun!



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