- Depression meets Anxiety by Charity Stewart
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Depression/Anxiety intertwine
Depression meets Anxiety by Charity Stewart

Mental deterioration, I lost touch with reality.

My presence brings so many casualties.

My brain is overwhelmed with drama.

My past brought so much trauma.

Invisible reflection of depression, is it a ghost?

Disappointment feeds on me like a host.

Swimming pool of insecurities so I can never boast.

Mentally burnt like an overdone roast.

I'm losing my mind, will I overcome?

No matter what happens, I will never forget where I came from.

I feel like I'm living in the great depression.

Lashing out on my loved ones, call it projection.

Chemical imbalance in my brain is a deadly weapon.

Longing for happiness even if it's only for a second.

A soft voice is telling me my pain can be someone's healing.

I'm starting to find darkness very appealing.

Unnatural sadness is my habitation.

Why do sorrow and I have a relation?

Why am I hyperventilating and constantly pacing?

Prozac and Xannies, will it help me with what I'm facing?

Why do we continue to buy the drugs they are lacing?

Spiritual pills I need to get back taking.

Anxiety is trying to put me in a hearse.

Prescription drugs to the face because my pain is becoming worse.

The devil is tempting me to grab that dagger.

Depression is most definitely a stabber.

Mental institutions don't have enough staff.

My mental problems can't even fit on a graph.

Deep inside I want to cry, instead I laugh.

I need help to make better decisions, someone speak on my behalf.

Please can you snort my painful lines.

Drifting toward the deep end, God give me a sign.

Mental sepsis, I'm about to flat line.

Desperately waiting for the sun to shine.

Dark secrets, pretending I'm doing just fine.

Depression meets anxiety, I see them intertwined.

Praying my suffering can be reassigned.

In Jesus name, depression get thee behind.



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