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The Rogadoo contest entry
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The Rogadoo writing prompt entry

       I'm a hunter of beasts unknown
       that none have ever seen.
       Like Wangaflerp or Belredaz
       and everything between.

       I once was in a foreign land,
       where few have ever walked,
       when I then came to realize
       that I was being stalked.

       I hadn't time to draw my gun.
       I ran at lightning pace,
       and I could hear it gaining ground.
       So swift the beast gave chase.

       I dove behind a fallen tree
       and rolled as it attacked.
       So angered that it missed its prey,
       the monster hopped and quacked.

       I quickly drew my Remington
       and aimed before it bounced.
       It kicked the tree I hid behind
       then snarled as it pounced.

       The rifle fell as too did I.
       Its jaws clamped on my head.
       I grabbed the Bowie from my boot
       and soon the beast was dead.

       It has a tail like that of rat,
       an ostrich neck stretched out,
       a 'gators head with sharpened teeth
       that lines its massive snout.

       Its feet are webbed like common ducks,
       its torso, kangaroo.
       This trophy's rare as any found.
       I named it...Rogadoo.


Writing Prompt
A challenge for the creative minded Master Poets. You have discovered the worlds first and only Rogadoo! Tell us about it in a poem. Any form, style, or length.

Author Notes
I created this silly picture myself from numerous different Google Images.

O Kangaroo


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