- Another Three Daysby DragonSkulls
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Rondel Poetry contest entry
Another Three Days by DragonSkulls
Rondel Poetry writing prompt entry

I wonder if this prompt will roll
while knowing many fear to try,
when thought is something to apply
to reach the concept of its goal.

When some can't grasp it as a whole
or on their wits, they can't rely,
I wonder if this prompt will roll
while knowing many fear to try.

With complicated rules to scroll,
exactly what results will fly?
Will once again we question why
there's only four who bare their soul.
I wonder if this prompt will roll.


Writing Prompt
This poem is the similar to the rondeau poem. The first and second lines repeat in the middle of the poem and at the end. Although only the first line repeats at the end. The rhyme scheme is normally ABba abAB abbaA(B). More information and an example.

Author Notes
Here of late, there's been some prompts that don't even
get the minimum amount of takers to go to booth the
first time around. Just poking fun at that.

There were only 3 other contestants at the time I entered.


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