- A Fruit Tree's Lamentby DragonSkulls
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Rondeau Poetry contest entry
A Fruit Tree's Lament by DragonSkulls
Rondeau Poetry writing prompt entry

I hate mankind for what you've done.
I scorch beneath this savage sun,
unwillingly it's here I dwell,
to give forth fruit you steal then sell
with nary chance to hide nor run.

A simple seed when it begun
that some dumb jackass gave someone.
A fate too cruelly I befell.
I hate mankind.

What wicked deeds your greed has spun.
You sell our children by the ton.
You keep me here so you'll excel
and pluck my kids as I rebel.
I'm trapped in earth, so yes, you've won.
I hate mankind.

Writing Prompt
A rondeau poem is required for this contest. It is a fixed form of poetry. It is often used in light or witty poems. It often has fifteen octo - or decasyllabic lines with three stanzas. It usually only has two rhymes used in the poem. A word or words from the first part of the first line are used as a refrain ending the second and third stanzas. The rhyme scheme is aabba aabR aabbaR. See an example and instructions here.

Author Notes
I created this silly pic myself.


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