- Sadnessby DragonSkulls
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Emotions contest entry
Sadness by DragonSkulls
Emotions writing prompt entry

I'll not let failure bind me down
and cry amid my woes.
I'll face the truth that so-called friends
are actually my foes.

They lead the way, I'm left behind,
a loser like before.
I try to gain some self respect
but ask myself what for.

I often ponder if to try
while failure mocks in jest.
I've accepted through this pain,
I'll never be the best.

But yet a ray of hope shines through
with contests made for me.
Our site now smites the winners down.
They heard this loser's plea.

My only fear is if I win
I'm too then cast aside,
allowed to play just half the week
the prompts the site provide.

So could it be a bit too harsh
excluding those who win?
Perhaps some day I'll learn to write
instead of blaming them.

Writing Prompt
Pick an emotion and write a poem of any type.

Author Notes
Sorry, I just had to complain about the "Winless" prompts that now tarnish
my enthusiasm for being here and have me debating the value of my
membership fees.


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