- There's only one rightby royowen
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A philosophical poem. Not just Christians
There's only one right by royowen

The teacher teaches

The teacher says, "We have no right,
there's only one in God's pure sight,
it's love, love, love, then love again,
to love in action, word and pen.''

For when we say we're free at last,
we're free from sin, our future, past.
It was by death we were set free,
yet only sin that we could see.
The Master's hand extends its palm,
to rule the night, to grant His calm.
In spite of you, in spite of me,
God still desires with Him agree.

A teacher once made this profound statement, in a world where so many are claiming their rights, this dear man said these words, "The only right we have is to love"

R.Owen 21/09/2022


Author Notes
Thanks for reading. R.Owen


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