- -Golden Honey-by Gordon Stacey
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-Golden Honey- by Gordon Stacey

-Golden Honey-

Softly his awareness forms such sweetly laced droplets of golden honey, dripping through sensations of truth dispersing eagerly across the chasm of the pondering wonder of life embracing life. 

As the mad, crazed discourse triumphantly sets ablaze an ease to comfort and prepare for the calling.  Setting ablaze to gather and to draw from a firmament that resolves to cleave into growth as an awesome force, flowing like waterfalls from silver streams of intrinsic brilliance.

Persuading truth to manifest its beautiful and wild perfection that becomes but the very spirit of love, endeavouring to cherish, endure, and preserve graceful stances.  Born to serve one another, as more than one that breathes of reflexes towards kindness that mirrors its own simplicity.

Forged and tempered harmonically, love
pours over the cool sensation where souls yearn to flow through focus as a hallowed vessel, speaking through lessons delivered to mend and to tend, to restore and defend.

Behold, a thirsty soul stirs vividly, coolly contouring, curving as currents eagerly course divinely through the tides, binding veracity to flex like a radical shift bending time into mere moments captured, cured, and performed as perfection speaking from the lips of angels. 

Slightly imbued to tease and feather a blessing unto the very eyes searching this verse, a verse bent to speak silently to the heart and flesh, and to the spirit that procures loves pounding force.

His inward nature intuitively works to refine the senses, to see peace -fully step into the character found within, dissolving tension, soothing, and nurishing the strain of comprehension.  Stranding together the dreams converging as one towards each, as one towards light, and one towards truth.


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