- The Lights of Lifeby Tom Horonzy
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The Lights of Life by Tom Horonzy
My Faith Poetry contest entry

I see the sun rise every day, as
does the Son of God in my heart.
I'm attracted to the light
and warmth both offer
like a moth to a flame.

Comfort and calm, I find in each,
similar to a glassy sea at dawn.
Its serenity penetrates
body and soul.

Yet, a strength comes in the pair,
subtle, yet undeniably powerful,
sustaining life and eternal promise,
first by one and then the other.

Marvel at how they evict gloom
with hope, so we can start anew
correcting the mistakes of yesterday
regardless of the sin or folly committed.

Individually, we can be forgiven
for the errors of our way
finding peace in grains of sand
representing the days of our lives.

His invitation is simple and clear.
Come. Follow me.
In doing so, the errors made
dissolve as footprints on the shore.

To bask in these lights;
there for the taking,
dig your toes in righteousness
letting improprieties wash to sea.

I've come to believe body and soul
need the constant companionship
of the sun of this universe
and the Son who created it.


Author Notes
Photo by the author on a peaceful morning, Outer Banks, N.C.
where I stood all amazed at the gifts I've been offered.
Dellsworthpoet helped rewrite the first stanza, as I agree the whole should be written in the first person.


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