- My Water Addicted Grandkidsby Debi Pick Marquette
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A slight exaggeration, but he did love his water
My Water Addicted Grandkids by Debi Pick Marquette
    What A Mess! Contest Winner 

My oldest grandson Connor; what a boy in every way
Addicted to the water;  t'was your favorite place to play

It was like a magnet; faucet, sink, and hose
You were such a mess; wet from your head to your toes

Grandma always laughed, but grandpa had a shorter fuse
He made you clean the mess and then dry your clothes and shoes

We barely got that mess cleaned up and then you had another
Then I think that you were scared, that I would call your mother

You know grandma wouldn't,  because I loved you more than that
Had to watch you closer, so you didn't drown that poor cat

Your cousin Kenzie, also three, who followed you around
You two could sneak away and never make a single sound 

I laid to take a nap with you, exhausted from your path
I woke to find you gone, as you splashed in the bird bath

So then I locked the door until I knew your nap was done
You had to take a snooze before you had anymore fun

I tucked you both back in and gave you each a drink of water
Set the glasses on the desk, not thinking that you'd bother

But then I heard some giggles, I knew trouble was a brewin
The bed was soaked with water; now grandma was a stewin

I put you in the car and said to sit quiet and still
I drove you to a lake to swim and prayed you'd get your fill

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about a mess! As long as your poem is about making a mess, or encorporates the topic of messes, anything goes. Creative approaches are welcomed. Contest voters will be asked to consider the topic when making a choice for a winner. Now let's get sloppy!
What A Mess!
Contest Winner


Author Notes
.Just to be clear, I did watch them close, but complete reality doesn't make for great stories. At almost 19, he's still addicted to water but now it's all about fishing.


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