- Frankly, I Don't Give a Damnby Debi Pick Marquette
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Frankly, I Don't Give a Damn by Debi Pick Marquette
Love Bites writing prompt entry

You were looking my direction, while walking down the street
As you came my way,  I could tell we were to meet
A woman started yelling; as your behinds in a jam 
And buddy if you're married;  frankly I won't give a damn

I met this handsome man, I was taken in at first
But after a short time, things started getting worse
I found he was a narcissist, a trait that I can't stand
You can love you all you want, frankly I don't give a damn

Not sure what I saw in you, perhaps it was your height
At first I loved your kisses, but once I felt you bite
You are just a monster; seems you have an evil scam
So frankly Frank for you, I just don't give a damn

I've met my share of losers; oh the things that I've found out 
Yet this guy seems much different, I doubt that there's a doubt
He treats me with respect and loves me, for who I am
Frankly Dear, I think you're it and worth giving a damn


Writing Prompt
Write a poem about love gone wrong or lost love. It can be sad, raw, or just plain angry (Just keep it clean). Express the emotions of the darker side of love. Any style or length. Be creative.



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