- Rick's Birthdayby Hubert Honeycotte
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The caption says it all
Rick's Birthday by Hubert Honeycotte

The caption says it all.

Rick, my son, during the fifty-seven years you have been with us, we have had many good times, not so good, but everything worked out for the best. Even though we moved many times, it was a learning experience for all of us. During our get-togethers now, we have many occasions to talk about and more topics to discuss.

I remember July 27, 1965, exceptionally well. My memory started when I awoke to a beautiful warm sunny day. I could hear Pam in her room getting out of bed; she was ready to start her day. While I prepared my breakfast, Pam was sitting in her highchair demanding that I get her more orange juice.

Shortly after breakfast, mom is in the kitchen to help Pam finish her meal, and I am off to work. Before leaving, I asked her how she was feeling, and as usual, "I'm fine." My response is if you need me, call because my work is not that far from home.

Having no family close who was able to help when you and mom were in the hospital, I decided to take my annual vacation, starting about July 28. Before rushing out the door, I told mom I would be a little late because I would ensure everything was in place before coming home.

1965 there were no cell phones, so during noon lunch, I called mom to see how things were going. Again, her reply was I'm ok, but Hubert, your mother, telephoned asking about the baby and wanted to know if you would call around after supper to solve a minor problem with their hot water system. As always, your mother replied, "yes," Hubert will do that for you after supper.

Arriving home, my first question was, how do you feel your mom's reply was ok, so finish your supper and go to your mother's and repair the water problem for her. As I was leaving, again, I said phone me if you need to go to the hospital.
 When I arrived at Nan's, I mentioned that Eileen was not looking too chipper and that I may have to leave before finishing the job, but I would start it. A short time later, your mother called, telling me to get home ASAP and take her to the hospital. You were on your way. Driving home as quickly as possible, I thought about who we could get for a short-term babysitter for Pamela.
Thank God when I pulled into our driveway at 8.27 pm. I noticed that Eileen's cousin was visiting, so he would have to be the sitter. This cousin was studying theology and was working at the same job site as me as a summer student. Because of that, he was spending more time with us than at home, which was great for us.

 Retrieving the bag your mother had prepared, we were quickly out the door. The hospital was much closer this time than Pam's arrival, plus it was a beautiful summer evening. We arrived at the emergency department at 8:45, mom was admitted quickly, and you were born fifteen minutes later. It was quite an evening for us, especially for me trying to get a young theology student to help me celebrate while trying to get him to drink scotch. 

After a short stay, you and your mom were home from the hospital, everyone was healthy, and I could spend two whole weeks with my new family; the first time, we were a family of four. Thank God everything turned out well. Your baptism was one week later. Given the names Rodrick, and Charles Theodore, the unique thing about your baptism was that your Great Grand Father was your God Father.

Now for a total lifestyle change. More responsibilities meant fewer parties and less dancing, but life was good. Our healthy and happy family was tops. By the way, I finally completed the project for your grandmother.

That was July 1965, in October you made your first move, and between that time and 1978, when we arrived in Alberta, we moved many times, but I think you and Pam both learned from those experiences, I pray anyway.

Rick, you were a hyper baby, unable to remain still for an extended time. During the latter stages of the pregnancy, you continually kicked your mother and continued until your arrival. Fifty-seven years later, you are still a hyper person, unable to remain still for a lengthy period, just like dad, I suppose. Happy birthday to my favorite son. How time flies when you are having fun; fifty-seven years have gone like a flash.


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