- In-Lawsby Regina Elliott
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This is a humorous poem.
In-Laws by Regina Elliott
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A certain in-laws couple has a
"champagne budget income,"
yet they quibble about prices
and then some,
we all went out to eat,
and, boy did I want to retreat,
our server was friendly and did
a good job,
but this stingy twosome made
me want to sob,
they only tipped her three dollars,
what do you think of that,
those cheapskate piles of
monkey skat!

At this dinner soiree I felt, well
I pause,
to finish this griping tale, because,
they gave the opinion I was
tipping too generously,
and that raised the ire in me,
although I was dressed fancy,
my pearls didn't matter,
as I was getting nasty,
I suddenly took inspiration,
not from etiquette class,
but from owning dogs as
my throat uttered a rasp,
then, over a silver tray of
dinner mints, as other diners
I lunged, and resoundingly
growled at,
and nearly bit these horrid
in-law prats!!!

Writing Prompt
Write a humorous or silly poem about something you dislike. Any style of poetry is welcomed. Length is up to you. See announcement for ideas.

Author Notes
I'm writing about a real couple
who are high income but are
so cheap and selfish. ~


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