- Quiet Lawyer Chapter 13 Cby barbara.wilkey
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Sherriff Sam pays Alexandra a visit.
Quiet Lawyer
: Quiet Lawyer Chapter 13 C by barbara.wilkey

Nothing mends a broken heart, like someone wonderful giving you theirs. Will Cordero give his heart to Alexandra? If he does, will she accept it? Will Alexandra discover who she is?

Cordero and Alexandra met 24 days ago.


"Good point." He reached over and touched her arm. "I'm sorry I wasn't there."

"I'm glad you weren't."

His eyes widened. "Why? I could've prevented it."

"Maybe if you were there, Luke wouldn't have tried anything. But if he did anyway, you probably would've fought and got hurt or did something to get into legal trouble."

Cordero grinned. "I happen to know a really good lawyer."

"That you do. I'm pretty sure she'd do it pro bono."

"Really?" Cordero parked in his usual spot at the ranch. "Let's get inside. I'm sure you need to rest."


Chapter 13 C

Before they could get inside, Jorge and Rosa rushed to greet them. Both hugged Alexandra and asked how she felt.

Rosa kept her arms around Alexandra. "When the guys aren't around, I want to see how bad your wound is."

Alexandra glanced at Cordero. "It's not bad, really, but according to some, I could show you now and I'd be showing less than a bikini."

His mom glared. "Cordero Emanuel Ortiz."

He shook his head. "Funny, Ali gave me that exact look and used the exact words. When a female calls you by your first, middle, and last name, it means you're not only wrong, but dead wrong."

Jorge patted his son's back. "I understand, but I guess when it's not for swimming it's not the same."

They went inside and sat in the living room while Alexandra answered their questions.

Her eyes met Cordero's as she said, "I want you to stay out of this. Sam's taking care of it."


Rosa stood. "I agree with Ali. I'll get us some iced tea."

Cordero released a deep breath.

Jorge studied his son. "I agree with the ladies. I understand you wanting to protect Ali, but not this time." He stood. "I'll see who's at the door."

When Jorge returned, Sam was with him.

After the hellos and Rosa made sure everybody had a drink, Alexandra said, "Since you're here, I'm guessing you have some information."

"I do. It seems Luke's not the only person you've angered. He was paid to kidnap you."

Her eyes widened. "Who did I make this angry. I've only been in town three weeks."

"Pat Rogers." Sam took a notepad from his front shirt pocket before he continued, "Ed Parks came to visit me this afternoon. It's a small town and news travels fast, and he'd heard about what happened."

Alexandra shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know him."

Cordero offered, "He's the owner of one of the shadier taverns in town. What does he have to do with this?"

Sam tapped his notes. "Luke and Pat hadn't met until Saturday night. They happened to be beside each other at the bar, drinking, and shared stories about this beautiful woman who'd done them wrong. Eventually they realized they were discussing the same person, you."

"But..." Alexandra paused. "I don't understand."

"They discussed how they wanted to get even. As they closed the bar in the wee hours of the morning, they devised a plan. Ed witnessed money change hands. Luke would be the muscle and Pat the financer."

"All I did to Luke was turn down his advances. I'm sure I'm not the only female."

Rosa sighed. "I guess now-a-days that's enough."

"Pat has more reasons but doesn't know it yet. I filed paperwork with the court today for coercive sex, basically rape of four women. And I'm trying to get in touch with Amy Harding to see if I can get her the child support she deserves."

Jorge stood and walked around. "You didn't encourage his treatment of these women. He made those decisions himself."

As Alexandra cringed, her hand she pressed against her wound. "I want him held accountable for his actions. Who knows who else he's abused? He's basically a serial abuser." She glanced at her friends. "I'm sorry I've brought this trouble on you. Maybe I should..."

Rosa took Alexandra's hand. "If you're thinking about leaving, you're not. I support everything you've done. You're in the right, and I'm glad you're standing up for these women."

"Thank you." She closed her eyes.

Cordero stood. "Sam, could you come back later? I think Ali needs to rest."

Standing, Sam nodded. "I'm finished anyway. If you think of anything else, call and I'll drop by. Ali, please rest and don't worry. I'm taking care of it. You should be safe."

Her eyes met his. "Are you arresting Pat Rogers?"

He nodded. "That's the plan. I tried before I came out, but he wasn't in his office or at home."

Jorge's jaw set. "So, he's hiding."

Sam patted Jorge's shoulder. "We don't know for sure."

"Sam, wait. I'll help Ali to her room and then walk you out." Cordero took her hand as he led her to her room. After she was comfortably lying down, he turned to leave. "I'll be back later."

At Sam's pick-up, Cordero said, "So Rogers is running free to do more damage. With the crimes, Ali's alleged against him he could be facing some serious jail time."

"You're right. If she were my gal, I'd keep her well-guarded. I'm doing my best to find him, but I have limited staff." Sam adjusted his hat. "I didn't witness it, but from the reports I've heard." He paused. "Warn Rico his spring blade knife might be illegal. I'd need to see it to be sure."

"I understand." Cordero watched Sam leave before he went inside. When he did, he asked, "Dad, did you find security cameras for the house?"

Steven did well in surgery. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I came home yesterday. I hope I get to stay home for a while. This traveling and not getting to sleep in my own bed is wearing me out. LOL

Spanish accents have been removed so I don't get weird characters in my posts.

Mi hijo & Mijo are Spanish for son. Jorge will use them often.

Bendecido is Spanish for blessed.

Elote (eh-LOH-teh), also known as Mexican street corn, is salty, sweet, crunchy, and creamy in every bite. It hits all the right flavor notes, especially hot off the grill in the summer months when fresh corn is at its peak and abundantly available at every market. It's a popular street food in Mexico and can be served as a snack or side dish.


Cordero Ortiz: 'Cord' runs his parents Texas ranch

Alexandra Black: 'Ali' is a New York City corporate lawyer, is a junior partner in huge family law firm

Jorge and Rosa Ortiz: Cordero's parents who own a large West Texas Ranch

Jim: One of the ranch foremen's and good friend of Cordero. He takes care of the main house and surrounding ranch area.

Bob: One of the ranch foremen and good friend of Cordero. He works the entire ranch.

Pat Rogers: Bank owner, not a good person

Sam Bailey: Lobo's Sheriff.

Tonia and Brent Black: Alexandra's parents

Gary Hart: A young ranch hand

Rico: Cord's best friend since kindergarten

Luke: All around bad guy


Author Notes
Thank you google an image of a sheriff's vehicle. With the lady in the bikini, I received a lot of new male reviews. LOL. Again, life got in the way, and I wasn't able to edit daily like I normally do. As I posted, I edited some more. I hope this post doesn't have too many errors. Thank you for the review and encouragement.


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