- Basket Of Sunshineby Regina Elliott
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This is a Happy poem.
Basket Of Sunshine by Regina Elliott
Happy Poems writing prompt entry

Challenging times are here,
and it's the beginning of another year,
though your day may be glum and gray,
God wants to comfort you today,
please, don't despair as much anymore,
bring in the large wicker basket at
your front door.

Place it on your table gently,
open it ~ it's worth more than
a Bentley,
such radiance,
a basket of sunshine,
bright yellow!
oh! honeybees flying out,
their mood mellow,
the glad sun's rays throughout
the room,
look, sunflowers rise from it
in summer bloom!

Wow! there's a gold pen with
shafts of honeyed light ~
it will help you write even in
the wee hours of the night,
your imagination renewed,
not eschewed,
writes down new verses,
even without curses,
and a more positive outlook
though your bills are still
God assures us with hope,
He does care. ~

Writing Prompt
Think about happiness and write a happy poem. It can be any style, free verse or rhyme.

Author Notes
I think many people, all over
the world, need a basket of
sunshine. ~


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