- Isn't it a beautiful dayby Jesse James Doty
This work has reached the exceptional level
A satire on Climate Change
Isn't it a beautiful day by Jesse James Doty

Climate Change is strange
Extreme weather passes gas
Yet isn't it a beautiful day
The kind we hope will last.

The rain we know is good for us
It's naturally moist
But have it rain at nighttime
With sun-filled days our choice.

Blue skies and sunshine
Our happy days are here
Let our tears fall like rain
So, we don't live in fear.

Climate Change is strange
As our drought is here to stay
All we ask is that the rain
Come back another day.


Author Notes
This is a satire. I realize Climate Change is serious business yet, I wanted to put a light-hearted touch to it.
In California, where I live, we have a severe drought condition. So many of us locals say to each other when it is sunny outside, that isn't it a beautiful day, anyway.
I decided to have a little fun with the saying.
Thanks for reading.


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