- The Devil's Sonnetby DragonSkulls
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Subverted Sonnet contest entry
The Devil's Sonnet by DragonSkulls
    Subverted Sonnet Contest Winner 

Use subtle words to teach thy children hate,
pretending all the while no colors bleed.
Provoke your nation's strength, might lies create
a willingness to watch their wars proceed.

Create a farce of hope that all accept
and turn thy heads should morals wane in worth,
while boundaries are vastly overstepped,
until the falling bombs consume the earth.

But live, for now, thy joyous little lives
and show each mortal there a slight respect.
for scant shall be the time the world survives,
then doused within its carnage, I'll collect.

Please treat thy every sin with little fear
and know, despite belief, your fate is here.


Writing Prompt
Write a sonnet on a subject you'd never expect to find in a sonnet. Can be funny, scary, silly or just totally, balls-to-the-wall, loopier than a slinky on a rollercoaster insane.

Must be a properly formatted 'classic' or heroic sonnet - I want iambic pentameter, an abab rhyme structure in the quatrains and a rhyming couplet, and either three or four quatrains. Kudos if you also incorporate a turn.

MUST not have a predictable subject (eg romance or nature) unless there's an unexpected twist!

No other theme restrictions. Bad language, sex and violence are all fine.
Subverted Sonnet
Contest Winner

Author Notes
Nope, not glorifying Satan, just adhering to the rules
of the contest.

I created this picture myself.

Thanks for reading and say those prayers.


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