- Racism is The Worstby Raul1
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Racism is The Worst by Raul1
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Many people divide themselves by the color of their skin. You can see that not everyone is friendly. I think that it is unfair how all of us got mistreated. Police have beaten down the majority of the African Americans and Hispanics. Half of the guilty cops got arrested.

In the 60s, the racism against African Americans was terrible. The police mistreated them, and they weren't allowed anywhere. They hated each other.

It is so sad that some things are still happening. Racism is a huge problem for all of us. Instead of feeling joy, they felt hurt. We should be united and state outside our differences aside, but I doubt this will happen. It will continue to be a cruel world. It is not fair. It is the reality that it won't stop anytime soon. All we can hope for is a miracle to come true.

Martin Luther King Jr., spoke his most famous "I Have a Dream" speech. Sadly, not all of it got accomplished. We still have the half of the same most violent problems, and I'm afraid it will continue because of our ignorance.

In my opinion, racism has to be defeated, but it won't happen. I believe that we should all be united instead of divided. It is what it is. There is a resolution; maybe peace comes for all of us. I don't know when it will occur. The real world has many faces. Let's hope that we all finally get our respect and freedom.

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