- A Cut Above Othersby Lobber
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Medical moments on parade
A Cut Above Others by Lobber
Flash Fiction contest entry

Robin recalls his first gallbladder surgery - just four small incisions.

After months of pain and reoccurring stones, he agrees to have his gallbladder removed.

Robin remembers Dr. Burstein’s recommendation: “Today’s robotic surgery is more precise and seniors recover faster.” 

Robin stares at the ceiling. He looks at the shiny apparatus next to him and suddenly feels very alone. 

Two, surgical, steel arms float above his chest.

The machine beeps twice and the anesthesia begins to gently flow into his arm. 

A message appears on the machine’s small digital screen. The message slowly scrolls upwards: 

Program: RoboSurg
Date:  03/11/2086
Sex: Female 
Name: Grey, Robin
Age: 34

Robin’s heavy eyes widen in horror as he reads the next text:

Cause of death: possible heart attack
Autopsy procedure(s): Full
Organ(s) removed: heart
Start time: 07:25
End Time: 

The machine beeps. Two, sharp, scalpels emerge from its moving arms as Robin tries to scream.


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