- memories of my Motherby jake cosmos aller
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for mother day
memories of my Mother by jake cosmos aller
Mother's Day--5-8-2022 writing prompt entry

My Mother was a true Berkeley original,
My mother grew up in Arkansas
High up in the Ozark mountains
North of Little Rock, Arkansas.

She often said, "every ten years the world flips
And all the nuts roll downhill To California
That is how she got there
Part of the planetary nut reconfiguration program

She often told us to do the right thing.?
But she refused to tell us what would be
As we had to figure
That out on our own.

Writing Prompt
Write a 12 line poem for Mother's Day ~ 5-8-2022
no haiku suites, limerick suites, or 575 suites/ any other style ok
no vulgar words, sex, or profanity
Keep it Positive

Author Notes
My mother, Mary Geneva Aller died in July 2007 at age 85. She was a one of a kind unique personality.


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