- Ukraine's Childby Paul McFarland
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A child's Prayer
Ukraine's Child by Paul McFarland
    Poem For A Child Contest Winner 

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Oh, my dear child,
Why do you weep?
Do falling bombs
Keep you from sleep?

Why don't you go
Outside to play?
Are soldiers in
Your streets today?

What do you see,
My little child?
Are those dead bodies
Being piled?

Where are your folks?
Are you alone?
I hear the blasts
And siren's tone.

I see that you
Are on your knees.
And asking God,
"Dear Father, please,

"Just stop this war,
And if you would,
I promise, God,
I will be good."

Writing Prompt
Write a poem for children. It must rhyme.
Poem For A Child
Contest Winner



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