- Hooray for holidaysby Wendy G
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We're going away ...
Hooray for holidays by Wendy G
Poem For A Child writing prompt entry

"Hooray, Hooray! I'm glad to say
We're going on a holiday!
Mom and Dad and Billy and me,
So many wonderful things to see!

I'll take my bear, he must be there!
He helps me sleep without a care.
Dolly also must be with me
For games and parties, don't you see?

And my doll's pram, will that be all?
Oh yes, my skates, and my big ball.
Of course I'll take my little bike,
'Cos really I don't like to hike.

I need this toy and that one too
For otherwise what will I do?
I'll make a heap beside my bed …
Now what was that my Dad just said?"

"You can't take all that stuff!" he cried
"There's Mom and me and Billy beside.
I can't put all that in our car
For if I do, we won't get far!"

"These are my special things," I said,
"Can I just stay at home instead?
It's not much fun without my toys …
Take Billy's friend – and just have boys!"


Writing Prompt
Write a poem for children. It must rhyme.


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