- Unintelligible (acrostic sonnet)by DragonSkulls
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Unintelligible (acrostic sonnet) by DragonSkulls
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Unclear will be the words this poet writes.
Neglected dolphins riot in the street.
I dream of salt on days I'm flying kites.
No bread is good if made by human feet.

Trombones of sponge get soaked with player's spit.
Electrons favor eels that live on land.
Let kittens pay for crimes that they commit.
Lethargic is a life I understand.

I'm meant to have a turn but turn from where?
Giraffe aggression research proves it's true.
I bought a nudist's unused underwear.
Beloved is my misspelled 'Lobe' tattoo.

Linguistic covid parrots are diseased.
Except for shaming Shakespeare, I am pleased.


Writing Prompt
Write an acrostic. Pick a word, any word, and use the letters of that word for the first letter of each line in your poem. See examples here.
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