- A Second Chanceby Raul1
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A Second Chance by Raul1
200 Word Story writing prompt entry

Hill was a lonely high school graduate. He wondered if his former classmates would forgive him for his hurtful mistakes. God had something special in store for him.

"When will I ever be forgiven?" Hill asked.

"I think that I know a way how it can happen. I have connections," Clara, his sister, told.

"Thank you, sis! I have been waiting for a favor from you for a long time. I am getting a second chance," Hill responded.

"Hill, when your former classmates come to forgive you. Do me a favor and don't blow it!" Clara advised.

Hill before had oppurtunities to go out with girls instead; he laughed in front of their faces and gave them the cold shoulder when they wanted to meet him. Now he regretted it and repented for his foolish mistakes.

His former classmates had arrived at his home, and Hill apologized to them. He promised never to make fun of them ever again.

"Thanks, everyone for giving me a second chance. I've repented for my stupid mistakes and am glad that you all have forgiven me. This means a great deal for me. I promise not to blow my chance again," Hill told them.

Writing Prompt
Write a story of 200 words. not including the title. Any subject accepted. Must be exactly 200 words.


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