- Shorthandby Willie P. Smith
This work has reached the exceptional level
Made for us by God.
Shorthand by Willie P. Smith

The beauty of nature always amazes me.
From the flow of a river to the leaf on a tree.

The flowers of a garden not planted by man.
To the rise of the sun, by God's own hand.

The first sound of a baby, after taking life's breath.
To the rise of the soul, at the time of death.

There are many more things in life to behold,
From the run of the young to the walk of the old.

God created all of this for our pleasure
These gifts from him, we cannot measure.

This is a walk-through life in shorthand,
Observing the many things, at God's command.

Willie P. 04/02/22


Author Notes
A walk-through God's world...Thanks to Google for the picture.


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