- Agoraphobia Is Realby Abby Wilson-hand
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I sit in my house and do not like to leave.
Agoraphobia Is Real by Abby Wilson-hand

At times it doesn't seem so real.
Going outside has no appeal.
Only to see my special friend.
Really turns my life around.
At that moment when I ride.
Peals away all the hurt inside.
Help is only near and far.
Out the door into the car.
But I beware of my circle, I know it's true.
In my house, I feel so blue.
All the time wishing you'd rescue me too.

Author Notes
Agoraphobia is real, I suffer every day, the struggle to get out the door, my horse awaits to love me more. But getting there is hard to do, all the love I have is true.


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