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Putin's Dream contest entry
His Three Dollar Dream by DragonSkulls
Putin's Dream contest entry

Putin thought, "Screw crushing Ukraine into horse meat today.
It's destiny, yes, but I'd much rather spend time dreaming of
Kamala, naked under her Dalmatian puppy coat, slaving to
my every desire while loaded on cheap vodka."

He ate some Nazi oat grain cereal and hit the sack.

Instead of dreaming of that dimwitted wench, he found himself
on Fanstory, searching contests. He picked one he thought
worthwhile, wrote something killer and got ready to join.
"God, three lousy bucks to enter? Even if I win, that's a
whole what, seven dollars? What a waste."

Sighing exaggeratingly heavy, he clicked 'Reserve.'


Author Notes
Rules of this contest:

Write a 101 word story about a dream of
Vladimir Putin, including at least 13 of
the following 15 words:

Heaven, Destiny, God, Horse, Putin, Ukraine,
Slave, Grain, Kamala, Dalmatian, Puppy, eat,
Nazi, Vodka, Crush.

You may adapt any of the words above into its
plural, adjective or conjugated form.

I created this silly pic myself.

The prize pool was only 15 bucks at the time I entered.
Thanks for reading.


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