- Always Thereby Raul1
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My friend in the mirror.
Always There by Raul1
Personification contest entry

You are always there all the time. I never skip a beat at you in the mirror. It must be a sign of the heavens you're smiling upon me. How do you do it?

You are a reflection of me stuck in the mirror. There is another world looming in there. I wonder what I will find—my friend whom never talks of yourself who've never offended me. Luckily you will look back on this and copy everything I do in front of you.

You talk back when I say something first by repeating everything I said. I smile, and you smile back. It is good to have you as a friend even though you don't talk to me.

You are an all repeater of words, my friend. But it is good that you have a sense of humor. A copycat, you are of sorts. I am starting to like you.


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