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Doubt is destructive in so many ways. Here is an example.
Doubt by wilkswrites
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I am in and out of your life, toppling your belief system, causing you to learn slower than others as I cast an invisible veil over your intellect. I cause others to see you like an idiot, when, in fact, you are very intelligent. By the time I am finished, your new team thinks ill of you as you question yourself, fear their opinions, and accept constructive criticism as an insult. I am well aware that if you should ever remove me from your psyche, I will lose my power over you. So I loom in the distance, watching you from afar, making sure that you lose opportunities that will, no doubt, make you soar. I am committed to ruining your life, and I thank you for allowing me to hang by your side despite the fact that you know that we are not friends.
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Author Notes
Doubting myself is a struggle and it comes from way back when I was a child of six years old when my mother, instead of supporting me, criticized me. Instead of asking me what was wrong, she yelled at me and insulted me. When I was molested, instead of confronting the culprit, she called me a slut. I know that from that early age, I began to doubt myself, and although I am strong, smart, and have accomplished so much in my life, doubt continues to creep on me from time to time. It's a definite struggle.


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