- Waiting For The Dayby DragonSkulls
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Personification contest entry
Waiting For The Day by DragonSkulls
    Personification Contest Winner 

I long to feel the warmth of human touch I so desperately
crave. I sit in the dark, hoping, waiting that some day I
might possibly be one of the chosen. Yes, I am aged and
worn and not nearly as strong as the younger generation.

Day by day, I watch as another is taken into the precious
light, while I remain dormant, void of value. For more than
a decade, I've been loyal and true but still, I'm so sadly
ignored. I fear the day I'm discarded as trash, or perhaps
even worse, yet in this overwhelming darkness I patiently

Then came the day the waiting ceased. All my comrades
were uncleansed. Finally, I too had been lifted from the
dismal abyss.

With torn holes and over-stretched elastic, I continue
to live and hold purpose. I now know you still love me...
your oldest pair of underwear.

Contest Winner

Author Notes
I created this silly picture myself from different Google Images.


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