- My Tormentby DragonSkulls
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The Prisoner contest entry
My Torment by DragonSkulls
The Prisoner writing prompt entry

They savagely force me into a chair, demanding I
don't move. I'm a prisoner. I feel the four walls closing
in around me. Dare I speak out in protest, I'm viciously
scolded and threatened. My captor's eyes glare at me
in disgust. They put a clock in the room to mock me
in torment as every brutal second passes. I fight to
hold back my tears from such agonizing pain.

I fondly remember the last time I saw my dear mother.
I'll not forget the last words I ever heard her say.

"The bus is here. It's time for school."


Writing Prompt
In 100 words, or less, write a short story--not necessarily a flash-fiction, though it could be--on the theme/subject/topic of 'prisoner'. It could be literal or metaphoric.


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