- It Didn't Size Upby DragonSkulls
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Job Interview Gone Wrong contest entry
It Didn't Size Up by DragonSkulls
    Job Interview Gone Wrong Contest Winner 

Warning: The author has noted that this contains the highest level of sexual content.

To make it there, I rushed through town.
Arrived with time to spare.
The woman holding interviews
had slightly graying hair.

She asked me this and asked me that
about the tasks at hand.
It seems the job required more,
a bit more than I planned.

The interview turned sexual.
The older woman toyed.
"You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours,
ensuring you're employed."

She turned and shut the window blinds
and softly touched my hair.
I thought about the sixty grand...
with benefits to share.

She had me aged by twenty years
but should that interfere?
I kept my eyes upon the prize...
a long lasting career.

So I gave in and we made love,
like animals in heat.
Her office crashed and thrashed about,
while not one bit discreet.

Then afterwards as she got dressed
with me still on the floor,
she passed her toppled office plant
and then unlocked the door.

And as she left, she turned to me
with words that hurt and stung.
"I'm sorry, Ted, this job requires
a hire a bit more...hung."


Writing Prompt
Write a funny poem about a job interview that has gone terribly wrong.
Job Interview Gone Wrong
Contest Winner


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