- The rainby Iza Deleanu
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talking to the sky
The rain by Iza Deleanu

Nothing gets me like the rain. Nothing washes away my pain, like a blurry sky. I looked up, and I heard: " I feel you". I looked at my friend from above and asked: "Why God gave us pain?" The sky sent me a ray of sun :"He gave us pain, so we can appreciate the sunny days after!" Smilling I jumped on the circles left by the rain clapping: "That was a knock-out, answer my friend."

The sky showed me a rainbow: "Anytime, my friend. If you feel like crying, let me know. I will send you some rain to mask your tears. I know you don't like to show weakness. Don't worry. I got you covered."

"Wow, friend, thank you for your blessings. See, yah in the rain. No rain, no game, no pain!"


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