- Chiseled Beautiful by Godby Theodore McDowell
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A poem about my wife
Chiseled Beautiful by God by Theodore McDowell
    Emotion Contest Winner 

I shut my computer,
close a book of poetry by Sharon Olds,
journey to my wife,
whitewater rafting through memories,
the easy glide through early years
filled with the thrill of business success,
the enchanted warbling of nursery rhymes,
the trill of unlimited potential,
at times, navigating level six rapids,
the drastic falls of my betrayals,
the rocks and hazards of a brain injury
and bipolar disorder, and the sharp
maneuvers through addiction and delusion,
resisting the temptation to chart the future:
renovating the house, nurturing a garden, retreating
to a mountain house, resting in the silence
of an empty nest, learning the history of jazz,
writing poetry together beside a well-built fire.
Instead, I discover my wife on the porch
drinking chamomile tea, experience my beloved
recreated in the now,
midnight black hair cascading down her back,
brown Persian eyes,
enthralling as an ancient kingdom, nurturing
as rich dark soil, enchanting as a silk carpet.
She unfurls a laugh, offers a smile,
she’s fought hard to rescue her grin,
to rest content in a God she knows
didn’t lead her into the wilderness
to die of thirst. He digs wells
for her in the desert.
Her body bears the scars of motherhood,
her soul is chiseled beautiful by the Spirit.

I brush her cheek, a soft caress of wonderment
and awe, I’m in love with the workmanship
of our God.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem of an emotion you personally felt about another person or yourself.
Admiration, Shyness, Pride, Disgust, Fear, Sorrow....Any emotion.
The emotion should be towards a human being, no animals or inspirational subject.
Any style of poetry. It can be short or long.
No pictures. No special fonts. Just a poem.
Have your words convey your message.
Contest Winner


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